Base64 Decoder


Base64 decoder allows you to decode the encoded base64 data into the readable text format within a single click. It quickly performs base64 decoding and provides an option to copy the decoded text in real time.

How to use Base64 Decoder?

To decode the base64 data, follow the below steps:

  1. Type or copy-paste the encoded data into the required input box.
  2. Click on the Decode button.
  3. Copy results from the output box by clicking on the copy icon.

What is Base64?

It is the numeral system of base-64 which uses the 64-digit set represented by 6 bits. In general, it is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that is commonly used to represent binary data in an ASCII string format. 

It translates the binary data into the radix-64 representation and plays a key role in encoding binary data on web pages. Our base64 decoder makes it quite simple and easy for you to convert the base64 to original data with one click. 

Besides this, you can also take help from our Base64 Encoding tool to encode the input string without any hassle.

Why use our Base64 Encoding Tool?

You can use our free online tool because of the below best reasons:

  • It allows you to directly copy-paste base64 data into the input field effortlessly.
  • This online tool decode base 64 by converting the given data into the original format within seconds. For example: If you enter the encoded text “QmFzZTY0IERlY29kZXI=” into the above input box and decode it, then the results will be: “Base64 Decoder”
  • Once you are done with base64 decoding, it gives an option to copy the result text in real time. You can then easily paste it wherever you want without any hurdles.
  • Our base 64 decoder is completely free to use for everyone. Now, you don’t have to purchase any premium plan to decode your data.
  • It doesn’t require any signup or registration process to decode base64. Simply go the, search for the tool, open it, and start decoding base64 effortlessly.
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